Everyone is welcome here

Ask for Clive is a charity that partners with venues to promote inclusion and to create welcoming environments for the LGBT+ community.  We work directly with local communities and venues, and collaborate with law enforcement on training and reporting initiatives 

How does it work?  

  • Venues put the Ask for Clive sticker on their door to let people know that ‘Everyone is Welcome Here’ and that discrimination will not be tolerated 
  • We provide a briefing pack for venues to use to train staff in the event that any form of discrimination or hate crime is observed or reported


We are temporarily suspending activity to sign up new partner venues and fundraising activity due to the coronavirus.  Most of our partner venues face huge disruption and an uncertain future due to the devastating impact of the virus.  Please support any local venue in any way you can whilst still adhering to Government guidelines such as ordering take aways or buying vouchers from those venues that are offering such services.

We will continue to monitor online and public incidents and resume full activities when restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so. 

We wish everyone safe and happy social distancing and send our thanks to those fighting the virus on the front line.

Our partner venues