About us 

We were founded in 2019 in response to the rise in homophobic and transphobic incidents in the UK.  In our first year we partnered with 2,000 venues and our target is to partner with 20,000 venues by the end of 2020.  In February, 2020 we became a charity with the objective of promoting social inclusion among the LGBTQ+ community by preventing people from becoming socially excluded and relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded.  

Our partner venues include pubs, clubs, theatres, universities, tattoo parlours, social clubs, churches, and also major international venues such as Arena Birmingham.

Since our launch, we have received coverage from BBC Breakfast, ITV News, BBC Midlands and many local radio and print media organisations.


Inclusive communities that provide welcome spaces for LGBT+ people everywhere


To work with venues and organisations to:

  • Promote LGBT+ inclusion and provide welcome spaces
  • Ensure zero tolerance to towards LGBT+ discrimination and hate with any instance countered and recorded appropriately 


Danny Clare (founder), Clive Duffy (who gave us our name, prolific volunteer, mentor and activist for the LGBT+ community), Steph Barker, Daisy Cooper, Sean Hughes, Teri Niadna, Lizzie Norton-Henry, Andrew Speak, Steven Wilson